My Testimonial for Matej Michalik

My prints from Slovakian photographer Matej Michalik are framed and look amazing. Matej is an extremely talented photographer and an all around great guy to connect/do business with!


Why I’m Not Renewing NAPP or Supporting Adobe.

I hate to make a post of this nature, but I have been completely disgusted with Adobe’s decision to move to a subscription based software system (Creative Cloud), and would love to hear others’ opinions-good or bad.
My complaints are as follows:
1) Many small businesses who rely on Adobe products, such as the one I am employed by, financially need to have control over when they upgrade their imaging software. It is not always necessary or financially viable to have the latest and greatest.
2) I may be wrong, but it seems as though while Adobe will force users to “pay to play”, they are not guaranteeing anything in return as far as regular and significant upgrades. This means a whole lot of users will be paying more, yet not getting more in return. Correct me if I’m wrong.
3) Although Adobe is not the sole company offering digital imaging software, it most certainly dominates the market. Technically, they don’t have a monopoly, but due to their high standing they can pretty much do whatever they want and remain a market leader. I really hope their poor decision has negative consequences.
4) Adobe support has long been known (in my opinion) for absolutely awful customer service and support (and a pretty crappy website setup if you ask me). What are the chances that this will improve?
For these and other reasons, I am forced to discontinue my NAPP membership. Although NAPP’s product is great, because their business depends on continuing their support of Adobe products, they pulled a complete 180-first expressing frustration over Adobe’s creative cloud subscription model, to currently touting what a great benefit it will prove to be.
I look forward to finding a Photoshop alternative!