Sunset and Pond

I finally had the chance to install HDR Efex Pro 2 from Nik and am very happy with it. I’m not crazy about how HDR has grown to be more of an effect than a tool to increase dynamic range, but  I feel that Nik has succeeded where Photoshop failed miserably with its built-in HDR processing.

Below are a couple of experiments. Both are the result of combining three RAW images taken at varying exposures. I see now that I’ll have to pay closer attention to chromatic aberration next time.














Watershops Pond from two locations – Springfield, MA





15 thoughts on “Sunset and Pond

  1. I haven’t really used this software, but I am planning on downloading it and trying it out, seeing it is like. You have done well.

      1. mission accomplished, looks very tasteful to me (and I’m in no HDR-craze either)

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